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Cheese & Honey

Cheese & Honey

Marin French Cheese


Our Cheese & Honey Box includes two cheeses from Marin French Cheese, two goat cheeses from our sister company in Sonoma, Laura Chenel’s, and our locally sourced Bonnie Bee & Company Honey. The perfect box for your own enjoyment and for anyone who just loves cheeses. Add the honey to the cheese, and you have a delicious bite!

Tasting Notes:

Marin French Cheese Petite Cendrée: A triple-cream Petite Brie with a hand-coated vegetable-ash rind. The thin, elegant layer of ash underneath the cream-line maintains its soft, creamy texture while developing a mildly earthy taste.

Marin French Cheese Petite Supreme: Petite Supreme develops a thin, snow white rind and a slightly firm yet lush interior. With an aroma of sweet milk, flavors are tangy with grassy and salty notes that develop as the cheese ages.

Laura Chenel’s Original Chabis: Laura Chenel’s Original Chabis: Made with fresh local milk, Original Chabis a fresh goat cheese made with local milk, creamy and fluffy, and perfect for spreading or using in recipes.

Laura Chenel’s Goat Brie: This goat milk aged cheese develops a thin bloomy rind and a velvety texture after aging, that quickly becomes oozy. Grassy and nutty flavors are balanced by hints of lemon and a clean finish.


Schloss: Pair with hearty California red wines, aromatic whites or dark beer.

Petite Cendrée: Pair with a Pinot Noir, Riesling, or a Blonde Ale to enhance the earthy flavors.

Petite Supreme: Pair with California sparkling wine, Petite Syrah, Prosecco or IPA

Original Chabis: Enjoy Chabis with a dry rosé from California or a Rhone Valley red.

Goat Brie: Pair with a Sauvignon Blanc or Belgian Style ales to complement the grassy nutty flavors of the cheese.