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Hicks Valley Collection

Hicks Valley Collection

Marin French Cheese


Here’s a collection to satisfy the cheese lover who prefers bold, robust flavors. Add a malty brew and let the party begin!

Includes 2 8-ounce wheels (Triple Creme Brie and Camembert), 1 8-ounce washed rind wheel (Schloss), 1 4-ounce wheel (Petite Breakfast),  our local honey (Marin French Cheese Honey by Bonnie Bee - harvested on our creamery's ranch!) and our favorite California spreader knife.

Our Hicks Valley gift basket makes a great gift for clients, coworkers, friends and family.


Tasting Notes:

Triple Crème Brie – With a rich and smooth texture, slightly sweet flavor and blooming with fluffy white rind, Marin French Triple Crème Brie expresses the high quality milk from neighboring Marin County dairies.

Camembert – Marin French Camembert is complex, aromatic and creamy with a deep golden color and thin white rind. The flavor is robust with hints of mushroom. Camembert differs distinctly from Brie by the cultures used to produce Camembert’s authentic earthy flavor and flowing texture.

Petite Breakfast – Mild & Buttery.

Schloss – Marin French Cheese Schloss is the flagship of our terroir. Washed several times during the aging process it has pungent meaty aromas, robust flavor and rich bouncy texture.