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Marin-Sonoma Collection

Marin-Sonoma Collection

Marin French Cheese


Our Marin-Sonoma box has four cheeses, two from Marin French Cheese, and two goat cheeses from Laura Chenel in Sonoma. Put these four cheeses out for a party, and you have the perfect variety! 

Triple Crème Brie: With a rich and smooth texture, slightly sweet flavor and blooming with fluffy white rind, Marin French Triple Crème Brie expresses the high-quality milk from neighboring Marin County dairies.

Petite Breakfast: The ultimate every day cheese, Petite Breakfast is unaged, sold fresh and young with a tangy flavor and slightly spongy texture.

Ash-Rind Buchette: The delicate Ash-Rind Buchette is mild Geotrichum goat cheese with the signature tang and a cream line that forms beneath the tender edible rind and spreads toward the chalky center.

Creamy Goat Brie: Laura Chenel's Brie is a twist on the traditional French cow's milk cheese. Mild with grassy and nutty flavors balanced by hints of lemon and a clean finsih. 


Triple Crème Brie: Pair with a California Sparkling wine, Petite Syrah, or IPA.

Petite Breakfast: Pair with a Sauvignon Blanc or wheat beer

Ash-rind Buchette: Pair with a crisp white such as Sancerre or a Fruity IPA.

Creamy Goat Brie: Pair well with a Sauvignon Blanc or Belgian-style ales.