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The “Perfect Pair” Basket

The “Perfect Pair” Basket


Enjoy the “Perfect Pair” basket with someone special. The basket includes two 4 ounce cheeses from our petite collection: the historic Petite Breakfast, which is the perfect everyday cheese, and our creamy Petite Supreme. Along with our cheeses, the basket includes two stemless wine glasses, a bottle of Cline Pinot Noir, and a bar of L’Amourette 91% Cocoa Extra Smooth chocolate.

Tasting Notes:

Petite Breakfast: Sold fresh and young, Petite Breakfast has a tangy flavor and a slightly spongy texture, reminiscent of creamy cheese curds.

Petite Supreme: With an aroma of sweet milk, flavors are tangy with grassy and salty notes that develop as the cheese ages.

Cline Pinot Noir: The deep red velvet color and notes of cedar, spearmint, lilacs and dark chocolate make this an elegant and complex wine.

L’Amourette 91% Cocoa Extra Smooth Chocolate: This chocolate is unexpectedly smooth extra-silky and fragrant due to the abundance of cocoa butter extracted from the delicately roasted beans.


Petite Breakfast: Pairs well with a California Pinot Noir, wheat beer or hard cider.

Petite Supreme: Pairs well with a glass of Prosecco or California Pinot Noir.